Bradley House

The Bradley House was once the home of Dr. and Mrs. W.A. Bradley. Dr. Bradley had his office downstairs, and the family lived in the other parts of the house.

Doctor's Office

The Doctor's Office includes photos and items from several Newton County doctors including Dr. Bradley, Dr. Hudson, Dr. Salmon, and others. Examples of exhibits include:

  • Patient bed

  • Dentist chair

  • Old microscope

  • Remington manual typewriter

  • Variety of technological items such as video cameras, still cameras​​, and a battery radio

Front Room

Some of the front room exhibits include:

  • Tools used to turn cotton into cloth such as a cotton picking sack, cotton still in the boll, carding brushes, spinning wheels, and a loom

  • Treadle sewing machine

  • Rope bed

  • Clothing from the early 1900s

  • Gun and holster used by Frank James (alias Joe Vaughn)

  • WWII military trunk with contents 

  • Grinding stones


Turn of the century kitchen items in the kitchen include:

  • Wood cookstove

  • Several sad irons

  • Hand operated washing machine

  • Butter making churns

Tool Room

A collection of old farm implements located here include items such as:

  • Plow

  • Cradle for reaping grain

  • Corn sheller and corn grinder

  • Froe and mallet

  • Various saws and axes

  • Barbed wire collection

  • Section of plan that crashed on Round Top Mountain

School/Community Room

This room is dedicated to the small businesses, schools, churches, and lodges. Some items found include:

  • Kirkwood Short Account System for the C.E. Wade Groceries and Notions at the Bald Hill Mine in Cave Creek in 1917

  • Top of teachers desk from Compton School

  • Lurton postoffice boxes

  • Student desks

  • Candy showcase from Vaughan's Esso Station

Natural-Early History Room

Outdoor and pre territorial history can be found here with items such as:

  • Fossils found on Cave Creek

  • Collection of arrowheads

  • Stuffed bear, a young eagle, and a red-tailed hawk

  • Side saddle used by Lizzie Brisco while serving as midwife beginning in the late 1800s 

  • A highlight of the entry is is a collection of telephones including a switchboard gifted by Irma Raney Gregory.

  • A Dogpatch USA showcase

Upstairs Hall

Exhibits include:

  • Military 

  • Louis Gregorie collection hand drawn using the Pointillism technique

  • Collection of photos

  • Community quilt prepared after a house fire

Research Room

A variety of information can be found in our research room consisting of past items such as newsletters from our county and other neighboring counties, books, photographs, newspapers, school records, county records, and church records. We also have a large number of books in our downstairs office.