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Our Projects 

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Project 1. Publications

Homestead Newsletter
The Homestead newsletter is published yearly and distributed to all members. It normally contains approximately 40 pages that include historical data and photos. Copies are also available for purchase throughout the year.

Books and Pamphlets

A number of books and pamphlets are available for purchase including Newton County History Volume I, Newton County History Volume II, Lackey's History of Newton County, The New Ozark Cousins, etc.


Members are in the process of collecting data for one booklet concerning Newton County Sheriffs, another booklet for Home Remedies, and a third for Newton County Schools.

Project 2. Bradley House Museum


​The Bradley House Museum includes the Bradley House, the Chaney Log Cabin, a smokehouse, and our research room.


The recently acquired Reed Henderson wagon is now located under a newly constructed shed near the Chaney Log Cabin. 

The Arkansas quilt block has been placed on the front of the Bradley House, and on the front of the Chaney Cabin, we have placed the Bear Paw quilt block. These are now part of the Arkansas Quilt Trail

An herb garden has been created by the Jasper Master Gardeners in the back yard. A variety of native herbs have been placed inside it.

Both sides of the Chaney Log Cabin have recently been opened for viewing. The half that will house barn/blacksmith implements is in the process of being furnished. 

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Project 3. Collection of Local History


We are always on the lookout for historical photos. If you can bring any that you have to the museum, we can scan or photograph your photograph while you wait so that it never leaves your possession. 



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