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Parthenon Revisited

Parthenon Revisited


Written by Dawnene Casey Donikowski, an Arkansas native who weaves her stories from a rich Ozark heritage as well as living in other states.

Print Length: 318 pages


In May 2014, four Oklahoma high school graduates plan to canoe the Buffalo River in Arkansas as a last hurrah together before heading off to separate colleges. But the Buffalo is dangerous that year. The powerful river drags their canoe under. Rescue teams find one of the teens drowned, but the other is missing. The next morning, Trianna Ferguson's body is discovered face-down in a smaller tributary miles from where her canoe capsized. Miraculously, she has a pulse. After three days in a coma, Trianna awakes, adamantly claiming she lived in the rural community of Parthenon, Arkansas from the winter of 1918 until the spring of 1921. The senior psychiatrist assigned her case desperately tries to unravel the mystery of what truly happened to the young woman before it is too late. Parthenon Revisited is a story about a life perilously suspended between two centuries.

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